What Are SoHoCrypto Rewards?

SoHoCrypto are loyalty tokens customers use to pay for goods and services from in-network businesses nationwide.  SoHoCrypto are blockchain crypto-tokens issued by the SoHoCrypto Rewards Network® to participating network members.  Everyone is familiar with loyalty rewards from giant national retailers like REI®, Nordstrom®, Marriot®, Hilton®, Sam's Club®, and Amazon Prime®.  Local businesses want to reward customer loyalty too, but need a cost effective way to engage repeat business.  The SoHoCrypto Rewards Network® business syndicate offers high value loyalty rewards to customers on behalf of network of small business members.

What are SoHoCrypto Worth to network customers?

To network member customers SoHoCrypto are worth $1 of whatever discount service or goods any network business member is offering. If a member business offers network customers a $50 oil and lube with a 20% token discount, your cost would be $40 and 10 SoHoCrypto tokens. Network customer membership is free.

What's the token value for Network Businesses

SoHoCrypto tokens received in payment for discounted goods and services are redeemable for $1 USD through the SoHoCrypto Escrow Fund (SEF).  100% of network advertising fees are committed to the SEF fund to insure floor price liquidity for member businesses.  SoHoCrypto can also be bought, sold, or traded at market price just as stock shares, fiat currencies, and crypto assets like Bitcoin are market priced for financial trade.

How does the $USD Escrow Fund Work?

SEF escrow transactions are conducted by an Autonomous Smart Contract Trust (ASCT) blockchain program.  Member businesses send SoHoCrypto tokens to the ASCT contract and receive equal amounts of $USD back.  ASCT transactions are publicly viewable on the Ethereum blockchain providing complete transparency for all deposits and payments.

How is the Escrow bank account funded?

SoHoCrypto Network advertisers directly deposit fees ($USD) into the SEF escrow bank account.  The ASCT smart contract handles all SEF transactions.  Once deposited, SEF escrowed funds are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FCID).  ASCT operations are completely autonomous; needing nor allowing any external control once the ASCT contract is launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

SoHoCrypto Network... why is social participation necessary?

Every successful social network earns revenue from advertisers.  Social networks need large memberships to attract major advertisers.  It makes perfect business sense for local businesses and loyal customers to join together and grow the SoHoCrypto Rewards Network for mutual profit.  Spreading the word between friends, customers, and local businesses will help grow a global loyalty rewards social network.

Business Syndicate Value Proposition!

Obviously the value proposition for syndicate members is cost effective acquisition of repeat purchasers;  but that's just the beginning of the profitability story for member businesses.  In addition to stimulating repeat buyers with token discounts, syndicate businesses of every type will be sought out by member customers for increased token discount savings.  Effectively, all member businesses contribute jointly to the success of the syndicate by rewarding network wide customer loyalty.